New Job: Social Media Analyst at Blast Radius

For the past month I’ve been a bit evasive at events when the “What do you do?” question came up… But not anymore.

I am now Malcolm Bastien, Social Media Analyst at Blast Radius

I have to say I’m pretty excited at what’s happened. Instead of working at a huge bank or financial company like many of my school piers (the ones who are only now starting to use Twitter and blog), I’ve gotten hired in maybe the best position one can hope for when looking for more professional experience in the social media world.

I’ll have the chance to do a lot of different things in my role as Social Media Analyst. At Blast Radius I’ll be analyzing trends in social media, monitoring the social media channels using tools like Radian 6. I’m also looking forward to getting to do serious research, conduct interviews, and write reports about really cool topics including the trends, issues, and opportunities in social media for companies.

I’m looking forward to using what I learn at Blast to bring my knowledge of the space, and the content that I bring to you through this blog to a much higher level.

There’s a lot of talk that’s going on that is pointing to social media becoming more important to big brands and especially giving companies the smart processes and plans that are needed to help them take advantage of the space for the long term.

On the topic of investing in social media, Jeremiah Owyang said this in Report: Social Media Marketing Up During Recession

Even though the budgets are small and growing, we recommend to our clients, in order to be successful, not to approach social media marketing as experimental, but to put the right roles, process, and measurement capabilities in place to be effective. Remember, the most expensive cost isn’t the tools, the most expensive part is the soft costs: strategy, education, process, roles, measurement).

And as Tom Smith listed as one of the reasons Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media

6. The metrics are new: Companies are used to the big numbers of advertising, but these numbers are different. Advertising is measured in booked exposures, i.e. page views, while social media is measured in direct interactions, i.e. number of friends, number of views or number of users. These numbers will always be smaller, but not necessarily any less measure of success.

… There is also need for more and deeper research, to understand and quantify the value of engaging with consumers in social media versus traditional advertising. This is an emerging area that will see a lot more investment over the next year or so as is needed to show the financial case.

I’m going to have the chance to help solve these problems when I start on March 30th.

About Blast Radius:

Blast Radius is a strategic interactive agency that builds long term relationships with global consumer brands to deliver innovative and profitable customer experiences. It does this by combining business savvy, experience design, and industry-leading technologies — including its work with ATG as an accredited partner. With offices across North America and Europe, Blast Radius clients include BMW, EA, Jenny Craig, Newell Rubbermaid, Nike, Nintendo, Virgin and Vodafone.






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