Real-time Brands

Real-time content, real-time analytics, and real-time marketing all sound increasingly interesting and cool, but they’re also increasingly expensive and require real-time permission, real-time resources, and real-time creative insights. At the end of it all who’s to say what the results of all that real-time marketing will be, or when they’ll deliver? Is the reward, real-time […]

Mapping the Brand Story

Your brand story goes through a lot before what your consumers ultimately tell themselves, and others. The equation is simple, but the possibilities are vast. If you fail to understand one of these pieces, or if your execution is weak, then your customer story is going to reflect it. I found the difficult part with […]

Each Platform Has its Own Story

Each platform has its own story. You can work though many different questions and get many different answers of Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. I find this illustration useful to illustrate that no one platform is superior or the best one for all cases. Each has its own characteristics and affects consumers’ lives […]

How Customers Engage With a Brand’s Story

Four types of consumers we tell our stories to, and how we want to affect them. Even when we look at customer groups and customer actions, stories still proove useful. One big action missing from this graph is spending money on a brand’s products and services. This illustration does more to answer the question “How […]