Category: Software

  • Ulysses 3

    This past week I’ve been using Ulysses 3 (U3) as my writing studio after a long stretch of only using iA Writer and nvALT. U3 comes to the table with a system I can use for almost all of my writing needs. That’s mostly because the value proposition of U3 isn’t in just being another […]

  • Four Platforms That Are Changing Writing

    Not since 1998 when blogging was first introduced to the world has writing changed. Recently, four platforms made by start-ups and individuals have done more to change writing than anyone else in the world. Since 1998, publishing and media companies have spent their time trying to adapt their processes and save their businesses. For the […]

  • Immersive Apps vs Immersive Content

    App shouldn’t be immersive, but their content should be. Immersive app experiences are created by removing unessential elements from the screen. Anything that isn’t content is hidden so that your user’s videos, photos or texts can take up the entire screen. It’s wrong to try and create this same immersion throughout your app though, and […]

  • The New

    I forgot to mention it last week, but the new was launched and is one of the first publicly available applications to use the Metro interface. Like I’ve mentioned before on the blog, people haven’t gotten many opportunities to use Metro. They’ll want to try using Metro soon because it’s going to be launched […]

  • Designing A Better Email Client

    I just read the introduction to .Mail, a new email concept, and came up with some thoughts of my own on how email clients should evolve. What email clients lack is that they don’t meet the needs of the information being communicated within messages. For as long as I’ve been using email the information objects […]