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  • Four Platforms That Are Changing Writing

    Not since 1998 when blogging was first introduced to the world has writing changed. Recently, four platforms made by start-ups and individuals have done more to change writing than anyone else in the world. Since 1998, publishing and media companies have spent their time trying to adapt their processes and save their businesses. For the […]

  • Om Malik’s 10 Years of Blogging

    My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too — Tech News and Analysis: Today we differentiate between blogging on blogging platforms and sharing on social platforms, but that is just semantics. The essence of blogging is not defined by a platform but by what I learned from Dave and his blogging platform […]

  • Publishing Markdown

    I’m doing a end-of-year refresh on my blog and part of that has meant taking a look at the different blogging sevices, themes, and text editors I have active. I want to narrow down the ones that I’m using and make the whole writing->publishing process as simple as possible. (Another thing that comes with it […]

  • Blogging and Toastmasters

    I’m not a big fan of Toast Masters. I tried going once a few years ago, but quickly got turned off by its formality, process, and roles. I’ve generally just never liked team sports and associations where no one has control over who can be a member. Will joining Toast Masters improve your speaking skills? […]

  • As Tumblr Changes From Platform To Network

    One neat thing about Tumblr is that more than any other blogging platform, it seems to be shifting in the way people use it and it’s becoming more like a network for producing content, sharing content, consuming content, and for forming connections with the other people. That’s just from an consumer point of view as […]