Facebook is Like a Chair… That Confuses and Surprises

Facebook is like a chair… that confuses, defrauds, misleads, spams and surprises users. Facebook as a company doesn’t do these things, but they happen on the Facebook platform through the apps third party developers create for it. Take a look at the ways that Facebook is having to control the permissions that third party applications […]

Splitting the Social Network for the Best User Experience

It may be impossible for user experience on a social network to ever become the core focus as long as advertising plays a part in their business. There’s little chance of advertising ever stopping on Facebook or Twitter because they depend on them for revenue. An alternative to removing advertising might be to split how […]

A Better Facebook Won’t Help You

Nobody Goes to Facebook Anymore. It’s Too Crowded. « Uncrunched So, no, most of us aren’t going to spend the time removing friends on Facebook. Instead many of us are using new social networks, like Path (we’re an investor) and the upcoming Just.Me (we’re also investors, guess how much we like this space) to start fresh. […]

But to everyone else I would recommend focusing more on the product and less about the openness of the platform. Open is certainly a selling point in the enterprise market, but it is not in the consumer market. How the Open Community Can Beat Facebook «  hueniverse Been saying this for years. Speaking of which, […]

Facebook, Fear, and The Risky Devide

When you use Facebook to have fun and screw around with your friends, it’s easy, and you need not worry too much about it. That’s a very comfortable and confined little world. Breakdown the walls and then Facebook suddenly exposes you to so much more uncertainty.  Risk of embarrassment, employers looking through your information, people […]

Some DISQUS and Intense Debate Thoughts – They Both Need Work

I recently changed the comment systems on Open Mode And Toronto Dev to both use the DISQUS comment system, where they were previously using Intense Debate.  DISQUS did a great job of jumping on any Discussions either I was having, or that I could see other were having on Twitter about their system. Besides DISQUS’s […]

Blogging: The Long Term Relationship

Maybe blogging will get lonely Blogging and long-form web writing will be around for a long time.  Even if readership drops and people start spending more and more of their time on Twitter and Facebook, for the authors Blogging will still be relevant to them.  I want to extend an idea written by Mark Evans […]

Social Networks as Trust Building Tools

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while, though one of Chris Brogan’s posts finally got me around to doing it. Social networks have no feature or even general importance besides to the way they can be tools to help us build trust in one another.  There was a video that came […]