What Has Microsoft Learned From Metro?

Since OS X 10.7, Lion, Apple’s approach to the desktop has been that OS X can be made better by including some of the features that make iOS so popular. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s vision for their phones, tablets and desktops is that everything should be Metro The two approaches are distinct. Even though Apple has had […]

onethingwell: DoublePane is a very simple window management utility for OS X. It lets you do four things: Make a window fill the left half of the screen. Make a window fill the right half of the screen. Make a window fill the screen entirely. Restore a window to its previous state. All four options […]

How Good Is the Asus Eee 1000?

Image by Kamil Porembiński via Flickr I don’t have many tech gadgets or toys, but my Eee PC 1000 is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  Though admittedly I have conditioned myself to say that after paying so much for the 1000 model when it was still fairly new in Canada.  It definitely […]