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  • Clear and Paper

    In my last post I talked a bit about how I was disappointed by Sparrow for iOS because I had seen the same interactions in other apps. Now I want to point out two apps that really wow’d me, Clear and Paper. Clear might not tackle as ambitious a problem as email, but what’s great […]

  • Using More of Apple’s iOS Apps

    I’ve always been interested in finding new apps for my iPhone and iPad. It’s a fun distraction to try out new workflows and see what could help me be more productive. Recently I tried Sparrow, an email client for the iPhone. I tried the app, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would […]

  • onethingwell: DoublePane is a very simple window management utility for OS X. It lets you do four things: Make a window fill the left half of the screen. Make a window fill the right half of the screen. Make a window fill the screen entirely. Restore a window to its previous state. All four options […]

  • Intimate Apps

    A little while ago I started rewatching some Merlin Mann keynotes and interviews from last year. Something clicked when I watched this one in particular which I’ve re-posted to the blog recently for another post. In the middle of the talk, Merlin starts going into how people understand the meaning of privacy differently, and one the […]

  • App Innovation Will Make Tablets in Business Vital

    I don’t think people will use tablets for applications like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. Hardware keyboards definitely make writing easier on tablets, but I think when they first came out people only looked towards traditional office programs or retail used like for POS systems just because that’s all they knew. Just like the innovation that […]