Tag: Education

  • Stories and Understanding

    Maybe a bit sillier than the other sketches but this one I made while trying to figure out if this idea of stories leading to understanding could be found in the real world. Brands could go in either group depending on if there’s a story to go along with it or not.

  • Students Are Faced With An Education Problem

    It’s not an ambition problem, an intellectual problem, or an ability problem.  Those are merely the symptoms. I want to be clear in getting my message across that it’s an education problem that students face more than anything else.  All the problems of ambition, of motivation, having a hunger for knowledge and learning, it all […]

  • Blogging: The Long Term Relationship

    Maybe blogging will get lonely Blogging and long-form web writing will be around for a long time.  Even if readership drops and people start spending more and more of their time on Twitter and Facebook, for the authors Blogging will still be relevant to them.  I want to extend an idea written by Mark Evans […]

  • Colemak Keyboard Layout – Better Than QWERTY, Better Than Dvorak

    If Dvorak is an alternative keyboard layout, then Colemak is an alt-alt-layout.  Designed to be easy to learn for QWERTY keyboard users, the Colemak keyboard layout has a lot going for it as far as being not only a better keyboard layout for typing, but also one that people might even be compelled to switch […]

  • Take Your Learning To The Comments

    As still somebody who attends university (Ryerson University, incredible value for money by the way…) I’ve made the decision to go into a very mind-off mode while in class. I still talk a lot in class, answer questions and the like, but I do that without any prior thinking about what my answer will be […]