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When your goal as an entrepreneur is to develop a product or as a student to study for an exam, everything else becomes a distraction from achieving that goal. Productive habits such as visiting social networking sites, reading emails, or writing blog posts turn into harmful habits. When new items appear in people’s mental in-baskets, […]

Twitter is either an extremely powerful vehicle of community and personal engagement or a mentally derailing assault of distractions. It’s all depending how much intentionally you bring to it. Inventing a Planet  » Blog Archive  » Real Friends Follow Less: Intentionality on Twitter (via Instapaper)

Focus Booster – The Pomodoro Technique

minimalmac: This looks like an amazing app. I have not had the time to download and try it out but I’m totally on it the first chance I get. It really reminds me of Merlin Mann’s Productivity Dash which I use all the time. I’ve been looking for a good app for this and this […]