iCloud Storage: Many Shallow Ponds

In five years we’re going to look back at the way we’ve been managing our documents and feel silly. We may even feel silly for managing our documents in the first place. The Classic File System I realized after studying iCloud on Mountain Lion that the system we’ve been using to save personal documents is […]

The Desktop Is Done, Think Like iOS

It’s time to think of the desktop operating system as outdated. And if we’re going to continue using iPads and iPhones, then the way we think about and use OS X needs to change as well. The idea of bringing features from iOS to the Mac isn’t new, but with the release of Mountain Lion […]

New Start Screen in Chrome 15 (dev). This bottom bar is a nice addition to the latest Dev build of chrome I have. It splits up the new tab window into three screens, in a very iOS sort of way. The screens are: Most Visited, Apps, Bookmarks. In general I really dislike it when these swipe-able screens […]

onethingwell: DoublePane is a very simple window management utility for OS X. It lets you do four things: Make a window fill the left half of the screen. Make a window fill the right half of the screen. Make a window fill the screen entirely. Restore a window to its previous state. All four options […]