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  • Re-Reading

    When my interest in a subject is renewed and I realize I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve already read about that subject, I regret most not having digital versions of books. I never mark up my paper books, but of I’m reading something digitally I tend to spend a lot more time highlighting and creating […]

  • The Most Enjoyable Reading Experience

    Read it later apps have been around since the iPhone first came out. A few years later when the iPad was released, new news applications were made that hadn’t ever been created or conceived of before. Reading today is different than it was four years ago. And unless you don’t own a smartphone, or don’t […]

  • My feeling is that the people who make the truly great digital products—the ones that make our world a better place to live—are the folks who are well-rounded enough to make sense of the entire stack, at least as a high level, and my hope for the new year is that more of the professional […]

  • Don’t feel that you need to finish. Not to be cynical, but most books aren’t worth finishing. I read until I lose interest. Then I move onto the next book. This is the secret to reading more. Three posts on reading plus a bonus tip (via Instapaper)

  • Single In, Single Out

    It’s really fun being part of online social networks.  It’s fun to communicate with others and to share. It’s a big pain in the *#$ to participate in all of the great networks out there.  It’s really difficult to make sure we broadcast a consistent message across the different publishing platforms, but more importantly, its […]