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  • Why Can The iPad Be Frustrating?

    For as long as I’ve owned them, I’ve enjoyed the Apple products I own like my MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, and my iPad. But unlike my iPhone or Macs, the iPad can get me really frustrated. Occasionally I’ll use my iPad at a cafe and everything will be going fine, then in the next […]

  • A funny story found on the back of my new Cosmonaut iPad stylus. (Taken with instagram)

  • App Innovation Will Make Tablets in Business Vital

    I don’t think people will use tablets for applications like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. Hardware keyboards definitely make writing easier on tablets, but I think when they first came out people only looked towards traditional office programs or retail used like for POS systems just because that’s all they knew. Just like the innovation that […]

  • The Value of Tablet Huddle Experiences

    Whenever I came across non-universal apps, on the App Store, the ones that you need to buy twice in order to use on your iPad and on your iPhone, I used to think that the developer was trying to get an extra couple bucks out of me.  What I realized though is that you’re not […]

  • Innovating For a Windows Tablet

    Apple’s keynotes draw people in because they know that in the hour and a half between start and end, they are going to see an innovation be shown for the first time. Even if 10% people don’t think the products will be competitive from a spec point of view, the other  90% of the market […]