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  • Very nice syncing screen from the latest version of Flow for iPhone

  • Intimate Apps

    A little while ago I started rewatching some Merlin Mann keynotes and interviews from last year. Something clicked when I watched this one in particular which I’ve re-posted to the blog recently for another post. In the middle of the talk, Merlin starts going into how people understand the meaning of privacy differently, and one the…

  • Feeding The Dog

  • The Whole Thing

    The idea that Apple’s experiences from creating the iPhone and iPad have gone full circle to influence their laptops and operating system are pretty compelling. The interesting part about it is that it was only because they managed all parts of the product that this was possible. If Apple didn’t make their laptops, they [conceivably]…

  • Uniqlo for iPhone

    They just updated their screensaver as well to support 10.6, so I’m very happy.