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  • The Purpose of Each Platform

    I came up with the idea that each platform has a particular purpose based on what an outcome looks like for the user. This is another important piece of information when designing the story of your brand experience. As a brand, what are you pushing users towards?

  • Each Platform Has its Own Story

    Each platform has its own story. You can work though many different questions and get many different answers of Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. I find this illustration useful to illustrate that no one platform is superior or the best one for all cases. Each has its own characteristics and affects consumers’ lives…

  • Media Tells Stories

    Stories are the core to brands, experiences, and customer perspective. Media is how you bring those stories to life through a variety of platforms and channels. This image works in the role of UX in creating an experience consistent with a brand across platforms and contexts, and it also hints at how the platforms are…

  • Story Makes it Relevant

    No matter what your brand, product, or idea stand for, we learn and we understand through stories. The way to make your stories relevant is to tell them through Social, Mobile, Content, and Analytic experiences.

  • Creating A River of Web Media Content

    Image via CrunchBase For the longest time the content that has been produced has fit into very nice and well defined categories, and there was a commonly understood structure to it all. But the time is approaching fast that ideas about content online will shift. When it happens, lines will blur around our friends “blogs”,…