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  • ahmadnassri: rocketboom: via i.imgur.com so true!

  • mnmal: Reader Shay T. sent me this screenshot. It’s a very minimal Ubuntu. I like it,

  • marco: World of Goo’s pay-what-you-want report has some great statistics about the average prices people paid. This one was surprising: I expected Windows users to be the cheapest, but I didn’t expect Linux users to be the most generous. Anyway, if you haven’t played this ridiculously good game yet, go download the demo. If you […]

  • Face it Linux, Most Netbooks Will Sell Windows 7

    And they will sell well. Image by Kordite via Flickr People all over the place are kidding themselves.  One of which include Brian Proffitt.  I tried to write a comment in response to his article talking about Linux’s competitiveness on Netbooks given that Windows 7 can run on netbooks (thanks for turning off comments on […]

  • CrunchBang Linux, Netbooks at High Speed

    Ever since getting my Eee PC, I’ve used Easy Peasy as my netbook optimized operating system. But last week I discovered CrunchBang Linux (also referred to as #!), a distribution built on top of Ubuntu that uses OpenBox as its Window Manager. CruchBang Linux and its OpenBox environment are perfectly suited to the Eee PC. […]