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  • My feeling is that the people who make the truly great digital products—the ones that make our world a better place to live—are the folks who are well-rounded enough to make sense of the entire stack, at least as a high level, and my hope for the new year is that more of the professional […]

  • When you miss a data-driven deadline, it becomes wildly apparent which steps were miscalculated. Such discussions that ensue are teaching moments. With data-driven deadlines you become a learning organization. Use Deadlines to Become a Learning Organization : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum (via Instapaper)

  • GoodBye Tests And Quizes, Hello Comments

    I’ve done a lot of talking about learning from the comments.  I think one thing I may have missed is describe why comments provide such a good learning opportunity.  It’s because all the other ways we as students learn and are graded is by our ability to memorize facts.  Comments provide a different way for […]

  • Students Are Faced With An Education Problem

    It’s not an ambition problem, an intellectual problem, or an ability problem.  Those are merely the symptoms. I want to be clear in getting my message across that it’s an education problem that students face more than anything else.  All the problems of ambition, of motivation, having a hunger for knowledge and learning, it all […]

  • Blogging: The Long Term Relationship

    Maybe blogging will get lonely Blogging and long-form web writing will be around for a long time.  Even if readership drops and people start spending more and more of their time on Twitter and Facebook, for the authors Blogging will still be relevant to them.  I want to extend an idea written by Mark Evans […]