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  • Tekkonkinkreet City

    heaven4d: Tekkon Kinkreet City I loved the film Tekkonkinkreet. The gritty, colourful world it portrayed was fantastic.

  • The Kyotokumaru

    A 330-ton, 200-foot-long fishing boat called the No. 18 Kyotokumaru (第十八共徳丸)—still sits where the waves left it over 800 meters (.5 mi) from the city’s harbor. The city of Kesennuma is debating whether to leave the Kyotokumaru as a monument or dismantle it. (via Japan tsunami: Country marks two-year anniversary of deadly earthquake | World…

  • Playing Weiqi at the Water Pavilion

    (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Playing Weiqi at the Water Pavilion)

  • There is Freedom There…

    There is freedom there—freedom to lead lives definitively of our own choosing. There is joy there—the kind that binds us together in adventures worthy of the lives we’ve been given. And there is grace—the overwhelming sense of beauty and wonder that can elevate our days. – Life Entrepreneurs This is the closing paragraph from the…

  • newyorker: Cartoon of the day. For more: