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  • My Initial Experience With iCloud

    Update: What I forgot to mention is that I’m discussing iCloud as it appears in third party applications. I’m not discussing my experience with things such as Photo Stream, iCloud backup, or iCloud contacts/mail. From what I’ve seen so far, iCloud seams really complicated, enough for it to not be the right solution for my…

  • F the File System

    Enough with the file system. Whenever I want to do some work on my computer one of the first things any application makes me do is go through the hassle of tracking down and opening the file I want to work on. The other side includes having to telling the application where on my computer…

  • DashNote by Resen™ DashNote is the next client for the iPhone and Webapp Simplenote that is driving forward how a simple application that only really does one thing, can open the doors to applications/shells that can look beautiful.

  • JustNotes

    JustNotes is a straight forward and easy to use notes application for the Mac. The great user interface lets you focus on the important things – taking notes. JustNotes synchronizes your Simplenote notes on the iPhone to your Mac. JustNotes