Designing Metro Apps on iOS

Greater than the technical aspects involved with developing for different mobile platforms, the challenging job is understanding each platform, designing for its distinct characteristics, for its users, how they use and how they identify with their phones. iOS, Android and Metro may have affordances that suite one more than another, but the designs should always […]

Attention to Detail Versus Features

Where are the examples of attention to detail on products not made by Apple? Competitors always show you the more features their products have compared to Apple’s. Take the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet they are announcing in September. They flood the video with lists of features the product has. But will Samsung ever go on […]

Back. With Style No Less.

It’s been a long while since this site has seen much action. It feels good to write something with some thought to it again. I want to take a bit of time tonight and a bit of journaling, a bit of reflecting, and a bit of looking forward on to ideas that matter. I really […]