Facebook is Like a Chair… That Confuses and Surprises

Facebook is like a chair… that confuses, defrauds, misleads, spams and surprises users. Facebook as a company doesn’t do these things, but they happen on the Facebook platform through the apps third party developers create for it. Take a look at the ways that Facebook is having to control the permissions that third party applications […]

A Quick Look at the Surface Site

A couple problems I have with Microsoft’s website for Surface. The whole site makes learning about the Surface such a chore. The content is really bad too. Sometimes it feels like they put it through Google Translate a few times and came out with inflated passages like the following: A feat of engineering and a […]

Splitting the Social Network for the Best User Experience

It may be impossible for user experience on a social network to ever become the core focus as long as advertising plays a part in their business. There’s little chance of advertising ever stopping on Facebook or Twitter because they depend on them for revenue. An alternative to removing advertising might be to split how […]

What Has Microsoft Learned From Metro?

Since OS X 10.7, Lion, Apple’s approach to the desktop has been that OS X can be made better by including some of the features that make iOS so popular. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s vision for their phones, tablets and desktops is that everything should be Metro The two approaches are distinct. Even though Apple has had […]

RIM Honestly

Reading RIM news coverage is frustrating. Outlets covering RIM only do so in a neutral and passive tone such that you wouldn’t have guessed the company’s stock has been in decline for the past four years. Must frustrating of all is how writers repeatedly end their pieces with optimistic outlooks at the next software release […]


When my interest in a subject is renewed and I realize I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve already read about that subject, I regret most not having digital versions of books. I never mark up my paper books, but of I’m reading something digitally I tend to spend a lot more time highlighting and creating […]