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  • Learning Agile with ChatGPT

    I spent some time experimenting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT product to ask it some questions about agile and was blown away by the results. Using this tool made it feel like I was getting a sneak peek into the future. I asked it a series of increasingly challenging questions. I started with some straightforward questions, asking […]

  • Turn Jira’s Control Chart Into a Lead Time Scatterplot

    In an earlier post, Quick Jira Control Chart Aging WIP Hack, I walked through the process of using Jira’s control chart report to get a view of a team’s aging work in progress. Aging work in progress is a simple and effective tool to help manage a team’s work. Soon after publishing that article, I […]

  • Facebook Home

    It may be difficult to notice at the moment, but Facebook Home could lead the next big evolution of mobile phones. The last big evolution came when Apple opened up iOS to third party developers and that decision ended up accelerating the adoption of the smartphone market, filling it with app stores worth about $15 […]

  • Facebook is Like a Chair… That Confuses and Surprises

    Facebook is like a chair… that confuses, defrauds, misleads, spams and surprises users. Facebook as a company doesn’t do these things, but they happen on the Facebook platform through the apps third party developers create for it. Take a look at the ways that Facebook is having to control the permissions that third party applications […]

  • A Quick Look at the Surface Site

    A couple problems I have with Microsoft’s website for Surface. The whole site makes learning about the Surface such a chore. The content is really bad too. Sometimes it feels like they put it through Google Translate a few times and came out with inflated passages like the following: A feat of engineering and a […]