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  • #Drumbeat and Project Orange

    A couple years ago was a huge Linux user. I followed almost everything happening in the open source world online. That time proved well in its ability to give me the ideas I’m now sharing that we can use for Mozilla Drumbeat. This idea in particular is a bit maverick, because goes against how Drumbeat is […]

  • #Drumbeat The Open Web Lens

    I just finished reading On Writing Well by William Zinsser which had one chapter on writing humour. Here is a quote from that chapter: You’ve been jolted by humor into looking with a fresh eye at something bizarre in our daily environment that was previously taken for granted. … The columns I wrote for Life made people laugh. But […]

  • #Drumbeat Will The Internet of Things be Open?

    Will the “Internet of Things” be open? If so, will it take any extra work? Is there a gap to be filled with work that we need to get started on now? When drumbeat asks “Will the internet still be open in 50 years?” A vision of what the Internet will look like in 50 […]

  • #Drumbeat Models for Discussion on the Open Web

    Mozilla Drumbeat is about coming together to create, and volunteer on projects that support the open web. A consequence of working on open web projects is that we’ll be forced to have many more discussions about the open web. Some projects will discuss open video, some projects open content and privacy, creative commons, etc.. If […]