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  • Turn Jira’s Control Chart Into a Lead Time Scatterplot

    In an earlier post, Quick Jira Control Chart Aging WIP Hack, I walked through the process of using Jira’s control chart report to get a view of a team’s aging work in progress. Aging work in progress is a simple and effective tool to help manage a team’s work. Soon after publishing that article, I […]

  • Comparing and Remixing the Gemba Walk

    One practice I often see organizations adopt but struggle with is Gemba Walks. Gemba Walks, sometimes called “go and sees,” originated from the Toyota Production System, and the principle behind them is that to truly understand what is going on, you have to go where the work gets done and see what is happening. The […]

  • Quick Jira Control Chart Aging WIP Hack

    I’ve never been a fan of any of the reports you get from Jira, but I’ve especially felt like the control chart should be more useful for all the information it provides. A few weeks ago, I created a new custom filter that changes what information is displayed, which helps me quickly visually scan a […]

  • Snapshot: Introducing Ready Options to a B2B Service Team

    When I work with teams who have undergone Agile or Product training, these teams often have large backlogs of work and boast about the importance of prioritizing work based on value. I’m currently helping a team that went through such training years ago, but these practices of having a backlog and focusing on customer value […]