…we’re grabbing the opportunity to choose and deliver manifestos that are optimized for the tribe, for the small group that wants to grab them, inhale them and spread them. The good ones will spread, first from person to person, then from one circle to another, and eventually into large groups. Seth’s Blog: The Domino Project […]

Facebook, Fear, and The Risky Devide

When you use Facebook to have fun and screw around with your friends, it’s easy, and you need not worry too much about it. That’s a very comfortable and confined little world. Breakdown the walls and then Facebook suddenly exposes you to so much more uncertainty.  Risk of embarrassment, employers looking through your information, people […]

The Real Limit Of Social Media

The idea of social media has helped people and companies identify unmet needs which didn’t exist prior, and create value by solving them. Without the concept of producing and sharing videos online as activity for people to do, YouTube would be non existent (does anyone know what the real idea was behind YouTube?). After that […]

The York University Strike As A Great Opportunity

There was an article published on Thestar.com yesterday about using Facebook to negatively advertise York University in hopes that some bad press might encourage them to solve the problem at the school quicker. You can read the entire article here: Parents use Facebook to put heat on York U.. This is a complete waste of […]

With Books Like These, Who Needs School?

Cover via Amazon I love reading, but when I read a book that inspires me to take action and get to work on what I really love, it’s a rush.  No books do that more than the books that recount the tales of the rebels who went against the norm and those that encourage readers […]