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  • Designing A Better Email Client

    I just read the introduction to .Mail, a new email concept, and came up with some thoughts of my own on how email clients should evolve. What email clients lack is that they don’t meet the needs of the information being communicated within messages. For as long as I’ve been using email the information objects […]

  • Email Declining

    I was chatting with a friend the other day about if email is really changing. Something I brought up was how hard it is to separate the signal from the “Twitter will replace email in 2012” hype. The hard part is that mixed within with the hype, there is truth at work which may explain […]

  • No rules. No color coding. No custom inboxes. No scripting. Just observe, decide and act. That’s it. 52 Tiger » Mail rules (via Instapaper)

  • CrunchBang Linux, Netbooks at High Speed

    Ever since getting my Eee PC, I’ve used Easy Peasy as my netbook optimized operating system. But last week I discovered CrunchBang Linux (also referred to as #!), a distribution built on top of Ubuntu that uses OpenBox as its Window Manager. CruchBang Linux and its OpenBox environment are perfectly suited to the Eee PC. […]