Mind Map of Issues Surrounding Identity 2.0

Issues surrounding Identity 2.0

Here is, for your viewing pleasure, a mind map I was working on Tuesday afternoon for my Identity 2.0 research essay.  There’s a lot in this mind map, but I though people might just appreciate taking a look at it.  Now for some indexible data, here’s a breakdown of the main points on the graph:

  • The 7 Laws of Identity + Privacy =
    • The privacy embedded laws of identity
      • More direct control of data
      • Information minimization
      • Detect fraud
      • Separation of digital identities
  • Types of identity systems
    • Invisible
    • Proprietary
    • URL Based
    • Card Based
    • Centricity
      • Enterprise centric
      • Federated
        • Hybrid of Enterprise/User
      • User centric
        • User in control
  • Identity Technologies
  • Why?
    • Social/Writable web
    • User needs
    • Business needs
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Technologies
    • Todays systems:
      • Siloed
      • Identifiable data
      • Identity “One-offs”
    • Open standards
  • Groups

These are basically the tree branches but there’s some more useful information to be found in the mindmap near the ends. I hope this has been somewhat helpful.

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