I Don’t Want to Live in a Transit Ghetto

Because apparently those people are poor. Taking a quick look at this┬áblog post┬áby the Martin Prosperity Institute (because skimming blog posts is how I understand important issues in my society) seems to say that’s the result of having little access to public transit. I see a blog post like that one day, and then the […]

Notes from Gary V. at DemoCamp24

Everybody loves these right? Gary is “completely motivated by gratitude” Knows what it’s like to not have stuff “You have to do everything right, not just one thing” People “underestimate our ability to appreciate effort” “I think people respect effort” “What I don’t do wrong is that I genuinely care about people” Gary will write […]

Notes from Gary Vaynerchuk at Rotmans

Should Twitter be conversational or informative? Neither, it should be about listening. What if you have only one of: passion/ability to produce content, or the ability to sell? Team up with somebody else. The next book might be about “tag team champions”. There are a lot of opportunities to pair up with someone who complement […]

Why I Don't Like New Charities Every Month

I don’t like the idea because it’s too faddish. We’re helping Cause A! We rock! Next month… We’re doing something amazing for Cause B! Wow we’re so amazing! And so on and so on… It’s not my style, and it doesn’t make sense to me that it would be the style of a community who […]

Cross Post – Announcing Toronto Dev

Yesterday I launched a new blog, Toronto Dev, focused on tech and social media community and news in Toronto. This message is crossed post on that blog. —————————————- I’m very excited, especially since I’ve owned the domain now for three years, to announce that Torontodev.ca is launching today. It seems like Toronto’s tech scene is […]