Category: Mobile

  • Success for the Mobile Context

    The mobile context, where at any given time, for any given reason users will want to do something on their phones or with your app. Your job is to set users up for success. There are a few established ways to achieve that including keeping your app focused, the UI clean, and the language simple. […]

  • The Mobile Context

    The mobile context involves communicating your brand story with the possibly the broadest number of users, environments, restrictions, and the greatest need for clarity. Experiences that don’t respect the context result in negative user stories.

  • App as Digital Proxy

    In a network of people, devices, and things, apps are more important than the things themselves. Apps can extend any product or idea, making its values and its brand relevant to customers. Relevance comes from translating things into a story we can understand.

  • A Network of People, Devices, and Things

    It’s important to realize that we live in a world connected to people and things. While social has already brought us closer to other people, and content helps us navigate the world around us, it’s going to be mobile and analytics that will unlock so much about what we currently see as “Stuff”. Mobile and […]

  • Putting Metro on iOS

    I was really happy about using the Photosynth app for the first time to make an excellent panorama. The app has the fastest and smoothest panorama creation out of any app I’ve tried. It does a great job of just letting me adjust my camera, while it captures what it needs to automatically and gives […]