Four Platforms That Are Changing Writing

Not since 1998 when blogging was first introduced to the world has writing changed. Recently, four platforms made by start-ups and individuals have done more to change writing than anyone else in the world. Since 1998, publishing and media companies have spent their time trying to adapt their processes and save their businesses. For the … Continue reading Four Platforms That Are Changing Writing

Making Media Easier

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ changed how we communicate. Now, people are familiar with social networking, and most importantly that means they’re comfortable with liking, retweeting, reblogging and sharing. One great thing about sharing becoming mainstream is that any good content that’s out there has an easier time flowing to us through our networks. Compared to … Continue reading Making Media Easier

As Tumblr Changes From Platform To Network

One neat thing about Tumblr is that more than any other blogging platform, it seems to be shifting in the way people use it and it’s becoming more like a network for producing content, sharing content, consuming content, and for forming connections with the other people. That’s just from an consumer point of view as … Continue reading As Tumblr Changes From Platform To Network