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  • Some DISQUS and Intense Debate Thoughts – They Both Need Work

    I recently changed the comment systems on Open Mode And Toronto Dev to both use the DISQUS comment system, where they were previously using Intense Debate.  DISQUS did a great job of jumping on any Discussions either I was having, or that I could see other were having on Twitter about their system. Besides DISQUS’s […]

  • Recommended WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers

    I’ve had a few friends in the past couple of months start new blogs, which is great, but a big part of starting a new blog is deciding on what plugins should be installed as well.  Instead of helping these new bloggers one at a time, I’ve decided to be a bit more efficient and […]

  • Single In, Single Out

    It’s really fun being part of online social networks.  It’s fun to communicate with others and to share. It’s a big pain in the *#$ to participate in all of the great networks out there.  It’s really difficult to make sure we broadcast a consistent message across the different publishing platforms, but more importantly, its […]

  • Social Media Is Not For You

    I’ve been getting into a lot recently of being connected to systems, while at the same time really being as disconnected as possible from them. I starting thinking about that while reading Tim Ferriss‘s book, the 4 Hour Work Week. Tim gives examples of businesses that he’s set up, which require very little interaction from […]