Twitter is either an extremely powerful vehicle of community and personal engagement or a mentally derailing assault of distractions. It’s all depending how much intentionally you bring to it. Inventing a Planet  » Blog Archive  » Real Friends Follow Less: Intentionality on Twitter (via Instapaper)

Colemak Keyboard Layout – Better Than QWERTY, Better Than Dvorak

If Dvorak is an alternative keyboard layout, then Colemak is an alt-alt-layout.  Designed to be easy to learn for QWERTY keyboard users, the Colemak keyboard layout has a lot going for it as far as being not only a better keyboard layout for typing, but also one that people might even be compelled to switch […]

Social Media Is Not For You

I’ve been getting into a lot recently of being connected to systems, while at the same time really being as disconnected as possible from them. I starting thinking about that while reading Tim Ferriss‘s book, the 4 Hour Work Week. Tim gives examples of businesses that he’s set up, which require very little interaction from […]

Watch Out – Great Looking Ubuntu Intrepid Apps

When you install a fresh new version of Ubuntu on your machine, is there a time when you find yourself scrolling through the entire list of all available applications to install?  Hoping to find something new that may make using your Linux system that much more easier, productive, or fun to use? Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid […]

5 Ways to Get The Most Out of University

In my experience, the best things available to me at university, have nothing to do with the establishment itself. On a regular basis I see too many people putting their faith in the system, and the ones who do that have a hard time understanding the idea of taking their own earning into their own […]