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  • The Reason That Social Analytics Will Succeed Over Traditional

    Because for social media-ites, social media analytics is a lot easier to do anything with. Especially if think you understand people online. (Chances are you do!) There’s more discussion going on these days about social media monitoring and analytics packages being developed, and a rift growing in the future between social media and traditional analytics.  […]

  • Stop Being So Damned Shady On Twitter

    If your only account on Twitter is a corporate account: Stop. Start over. In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing and hearing about more groups joining Twitter but completely try to join in and dictate the terms of the channel. My contention is that this sort of strategy contributes to ruining the brand of […]

  • Thinking About The Newsstand of The Future

    Following along with some more PodCamp Toronto discussion that happened this past weekend (most of it at the party sponsored by Molson), a lot of the content at the sessions that happened tended to lean on what might make an important topic at other unconference to come. The problem of perception. So much of the […]

  • A New Way of Combining Communities, and Commerce

    It’s a place where people travel to go, and each time they arrive they see an architectural work of beauty. This creation brings people together from a common community as well which creates a very interesting destination that would be very hard to recreate in the real world.  What makes this virtual world project relevant […]

  • Students Are Faced With An Education Problem

    It’s not an ambition problem, an intellectual problem, or an ability problem.  Those are merely the symptoms. I want to be clear in getting my message across that it’s an education problem that students face more than anything else.  All the problems of ambition, of motivation, having a hunger for knowledge and learning, it all […]