Daily Photo Logging with Google+

Last week Google+ launched a major redesign, unfortunately the Google+ API didn’t change and is still read-only. That means there’s no way for apps like Instagram, Twitter and news readers to publish to Google+. It’s a big obstacle because that means users can only add new items to Google+ by used one of the Google+ […]


I’ve known about Helvetimail and Helvetical for a while, but it’s not until I got a Mac and started using Fluid a bit that applying the scripts to get them to work was really practical for me. Here’s a list of the Helveti sites online for you to apply to: Gmail – http://www.josefrichter.com/helvetimail/ Google Calendar – http://www.iamadtaylor.com/helvetical/ […]

Search Ad Search Ad – Recursion Problem?

I though crossed my mind that makes me question if advertising is anything close to being an appropriate element of real-time search today. The thought came to me when realizing that there’s so much sentiment data that’s been pulled together from tweets, that any query you throw at a Google real-time search engine would be easily answerable […]

Adding Some Mint to Real-Time Search

A quote from a recent New York Times piece on the monetization of real-time search: “Others say examples abound of queries that could be matched with ads: a search for tweets about snow conditions may be an advertising opportunity for ski resorts; one about poor cellphone coverage could attract ads from a rival network; one […]