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  • Facebook Home

    It may be difficult to notice at the moment, but Facebook Home could lead the next big evolution of mobile phones. The last big evolution came when Apple opened up iOS to third party developers and that decision ended up accelerating the adoption of the smartphone market, filling it with app stores worth about $15 […]

  • iOS’s Disposable Games

    The other day I was looking through drawings of classic Nintendo characters and I realized that I haven’t replayed any videos games in a long time. In high school and university I spent a lot of my time replaying the games I grew up with like Metroid, Zelda and Final Fantasy. Most of the games […]

  • What’s Next For The Mac?

    The past two releases of Mac OS X, Lion and Mountain Lion, were both focused around the changes they made to make the desktop more like iOS. Their changes affected how apps can notify users to updates, included day-to-day applications like Notes and Reminders which are synced across all devices, and more. Two more big […]

  • iCloud Storage: Many Shallow Ponds

    In five years we’re going to look back at the way we’ve been managing our documents and feel silly. We may even feel silly for managing our documents in the first place. The Classic File System I realized after studying iCloud on Mountain Lion that the system we’ve been using to save personal documents is […]

  • Immersive Apps vs Immersive Content

    App shouldn’t be immersive, but their content should be. Immersive app experiences are created by removing unessential elements from the screen. Anything that isn’t content is hidden so that your user’s videos, photos or texts can take up the entire screen. It’s wrong to try and create this same immersion throughout your app though, and […]