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  • Understanding Like-gate

    Understanding Like-gate

  • Social Media Without the Tweets and Check-ins

    After covering social media for years, it’s kind of surprising to see the most popular social media platforms get to a point where user activity doesn’t matter anymore. On Twitter: Dick Costolo: “The Biggest Misconception About Twitter Is That You Have To Tweet To Use Twitter” On Foursquare: “Crowley compared Foursquare’s trajectory to Twitter. Even […]

  • The Social Story of a Brand

    It’s impossible for a brand to affect its social story, it can only impact consumers. It’s consumers who contribute to the social story through the experiences they have with a brand, and with 3rd party interactions like the things they see in the news, or the things they hear from friends. The power of the […]

  • The Social Context

    Understand a bit about the Social Context in how the biggest driver is the things people are doing with one another. There’s a whole range of platforms, actors, actions, and motivations that should all be understood. A brand’s story doesn’t exist in isolation but along side millions of other stories people have constructed for themselves.

  • Twitter’s Inevitable Consistency

    Twitter’s API updates and it’s direction that third party clients need to provide an experience more consistent with Twitter’s was inevitable for an ad supported network. There’s a lot of missed opportunity for Twitter’s advertisers with so many users using 3rd party clients applications who don’t display Twitter’s ad products. Each application styling it’s own […]