Social Media Without the Tweets and Check-ins

After covering social media for years, it’s kind of surprising to see the most popular social media platforms get to a point where user activity doesn’t matter anymore. On Twitter: Dick Costolo: “The Biggest Misconception About Twitter Is That You Have To Tweet To Use Twitter” On Foursquare: “Crowley compared Foursquare’s trajectory to Twitter. Even […]

The Social Context

Understand a bit about the Social Context in how the biggest driver is the things people are doing with one another. There’s a whole range of platforms, actors, actions, and motivations that should all be understood. A brand’s story doesn’t exist in isolation but along side millions of other stories people have constructed for themselves.

Twitter’s Inevitable Consistency

Twitter’s API updates and it’s direction that third party clients need to provide an experience more consistent with Twitter’s was inevitable for an ad supported network. There’s a lot of missed opportunity for Twitter’s advertisers with so many users using 3rd party clients applications who don’t display Twitter’s ad products. Each application styling it’s own […] The Country Club of the Internet? // Digital Local The Country Club of the Internet? // Digital Local: Granted, it’s not yet clear exactly what’s subscription fee will be. But even a very low fee could prove prohibitive for a large segment of the web. And even if it doesn’t, the appeal of this new network seems limited to a specific demographic, […]

Daily Photo Logging with Google+

Last week Google+ launched a major redesign, unfortunately the Google+ API didn’t change and is still read-only. That means there’s no way for apps like Instagram, Twitter and news readers to publish to Google+. It’s a big obstacle because that means users can only add new items to Google+ by used one of the Google+ […]

A Better Facebook Won’t Help You

Nobody Goes to Facebook Anymore. It’s Too Crowded. « Uncrunched So, no, most of us aren’t going to spend the time removing friends on Facebook. Instead many of us are using new social networks, like Path (we’re an investor) and the upcoming Just.Me (we’re also investors, guess how much we like this space) to start fresh. […]