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  • Success for the Mobile Context

    The mobile context, where at any given time, for any given reason users will want to do something on their phones or with your app. Your job is to set users up for success. There are a few established ways to achieve that including keeping your app focused, the UI clean, and the language simple. […]

  • The Social Story of a Brand

    It’s impossible for a brand to affect its social story, it can only impact consumers. It’s consumers who contribute to the social story through the experiences they have with a brand, and with 3rd party interactions like the things they see in the news, or the things they hear from friends. The power of the […]

  • Mapping the Brand Story

    Your brand story goes through a lot before what your consumers ultimately tell themselves, and others. The equation is simple, but the possibilities are vast. If you fail to understand one of these pieces, or if your execution is weak, then your customer story is going to reflect it. I found the difficult part with […]

  • The Purpose of Each Platform

    I came up with the idea that each platform has a particular purpose based on what an outcome looks like for the user. This is another important piece of information when designing the story of your brand experience. As a brand, what are you pushing users towards?

  • Each Platform Has its Own Story

    Each platform has its own story. You can work though many different questions and get many different answers of Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. I find this illustration useful to illustrate that no one platform is superior or the best one for all cases. Each has its own characteristics and affects consumers’ lives […]