The Power of Framing Social Dialogue

Last week I was impressed to see Quotes become part of the social media listening tool Scout Labs’ listening dashboard. Providing an easy window to view qualitative examples of voice of the consumer is something that I always spend time searching for using other social media tools, or build new widgets explicitly to handle. More importantly though we can see models being built around consumer discussions in social media that tools are able to exploit for data retrieval.

Quotes is a good start to this area of social media listening, no matter what you’re listening for you’ll be able to rely on people talking about it with certain emotions, or in the context of certain frames (e.g., I like this but not that, I wish this did that).

Another way we can use frames in our social media listening is to think from a product perspective what is the life cycle of the product across the users experiences, and what are the discussions that take place at certain points in time, such as initial research, time of purchase, taking the product home, or when it comes time for users to sell it.

Product life-cycles are another good frame to use for social listening, because just like frames of discussion, they are inseparable from the consumer, they will always be there. Some products will progress different than others though; buying a house is different than a laptop, which is different than deciding what university to go to. On a more granular level, the frames that your product will occupy in social media discussions will depend on consumer demographics: Age, income, geography, etc… This is important when realizing that the same product may occupy many different frames in social dialog for your different customers or stakeholders.

Just like the enemy of web analytics is measurement of page views and visitors, the enemy of social media listening is listening only for brand mentions.

Social media listening and framing social discussions gives you the opportunity to measure and understand social dialog from a point of view much closer to your actual customers.






2 responses to “The Power of Framing Social Dialogue”

  1. Alex Fortney Avatar

    Well said Malcolm. I couldn't agree more that counting only brand mentions are the enemy of social listening – you've inspired a blog post: the best,Alex FortneyNetworked Insights@alexfortney

  2. […] credit Malcolm Bastien for inspiring the headline who says in a recent blog post: “Just like the enemy of web analytics is measurement of page views and visitors, the enemy of […]

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