Persistence and Momentum

It’s summer, schools out, and for some people it’s out for good. Some are on the job hunt, others have picked up new projects and are trying to create new communities.

Basically I’m feeling some momentum in the community that is forward leaning, and feels like the start of a real quickly moving time in Toronto. Just today there are three different meet ups going on at the same time. I remember when we still had to wait every couple months for a meet-up to come around. Things are moving ridiculously fast.

On top of keeping up with the general community that’s developing in Toronto, everyone has their own personal interests and goals that take even more time and effort.

Not before long it’s easy to feel like your moving in seven different directions, and it’s impossible to move forward at all in any one front. The difficulty of keeping focus is one nut I’ve yet to crack.

So how is it we can keep up? Not keeping up in the sense of consuming information, but of making sure your online footprint, wasn’t last worked on, developed, or even though about 4 months ago.

Keep at it, and be persistent.

Continue to blog.

Do good work.

Don’t get stuck in any one tool, platform, or media.

Explore new ways to communicate.

Always be listening.

Always be responding.

Build relationships one person at a time.

By doing this, and staying focused, you’ll build up envious momentum.

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