This is all great, but I’m most curious to see how you input on this device – what’s the touch interface like? How practical is inputing with your blackberry? Could be great… but I wouldn’t bet on it without seeing it first. There will be huge interest in this product either way. Tablets have a lot of value in the work place in my experience/perspective.

BlackBerry PlayBook – Preview (via BlackBerry)

They didn’t introduce shit.

I hate these companies. This is just another very well produced video that shows with misrepresented performance and smoothness what using the device might be like.

Does BlackBerry have what looks like a well built and well thought out tablet? Yes.

But remember, the very first time Apple introduced the iPad, they had one on stage being used in front of people.

I do have a slogan for them though… “The best way to BBM”

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