World of Goo’s pay-what-you-want report has some great statistics about the average prices people paid. This one was surprising: I expected Windows users to be the cheapest, but I didn’t expect Linux users to be the most generous.

Anyway, if you haven’t played this ridiculously good game yet, go download the demo. If you like it, buy the full version ($20, direct download, DRM-free).

World of Goo is one of the best new games I’ve played this decade. Really. It’s that good.

Again Windows users bring up the rear. Though it’s actually quite funny that Linux users, the one used to getting software and their operating systems for free, were also willing to pay the most for World of Goo.

I actually paid $20 (or maybe it was $25?) soon after the game was released for the full version. Was definitely worth it.






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