CrunchBang Linux, Netbooks at High Speed

Ever since getting my Eee PC, I’ve used Easy Peasy as my netbook optimized operating system. But last week I discovered CrunchBang Linux (also referred to as #!), a distribution built on top of Ubuntu that uses OpenBox as its Window Manager. CruchBang Linux and its OpenBox environment are perfectly suited to the Eee PC. CrunchBang has a Eee specific release called CrunchEee.  Eee PCs are by not slow, and they can run well by using a lot more resource intensive systems, but there’s just no need for it.

I’m going to try to explain why for some people, CrunchBang is the perfect netbook OS.

CrunchBang Desktop
CrunchBang Desktop

If you own a netbook there are probably only so many reasons that you use it for:

  • Blogging
  • Taking notes
  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Skype

Netbooks are not perfect machines, but they have their strengths, and by using lightweight and fast environments that stay out of your way and give you the ability to focus netbooks perfect for people who want to be as productive as possible with their tools.

Speed and Simplicity.

Lightweight desktops environments are sometimes perceived as being more complicated than other environments such as Gnome or KDE, but CrunchBang does a great job of keeping options and controls easy to use when you want to, and out of your way when you don’t.  It’s about keeping your environment task focused. For when you want to, there are a few customization options that CrunchBang provides you with.

The Appearance Settings tool gives you the options of things like managing themes, icon sets and other options Linux users will be used to seeing. The Openbox Configuration Manager and the Menu Editor also makes it easy for users to get in and modify almost all of the user interface options.  Advanced users can edit settings through text files or XML files, but the average user is protected from that.

PCMan File Manager and Skype on CrunchBang
PCMan File Manager and Skype on CrunchBang

CrunchBang comes with a great collection of light weight applications, but here are a list of my recommendations for  Linux applications to install to get even more out of the system.

And of course as a mobile Internet based device, you’ll want to take advantage of applications on the cloud as much as possible.

CrunchBang has a great active IRC channel on Freenode with 30-50 users online at any time, perfect for getting help from people in real time.  The CrunchBang Linux Forums also have just around 1000 topics that have been posted and 8000 posts.  And they have an active blog, a wiki and their own planet aggregator!

(CrunchBang isn’t only available for the Eee PC, the team also have 2 different desktop images that are available at the CrunchBang wiki.)

Have you tried CrunchBang Linux?
What are you running on your netbook?

10 thoughts on “CrunchBang Linux, Netbooks at High Speed

  1. Personally, I've fallen in love with using windows7 on my netbook. Don't think I can go back to linux on it. I'm just hoping a final release or another beta or something comes out before august so I can keep using it on there heh

  2. I just put #! on my 1005HA. Really cool. I love the minimalistic look and feel. I also run Windows 7 on there, and it runs great. nice to have on there in case I need to something Windows-y or sync my iPhone.

  3. Sweet. I love it especially on my Netbook. I actually had it on my desktop but took it off because I felt for my desktop it was a bit difficult to do everything I wanted to smoothly, but on the netbook it works great.Make sure you go download Google Chrome as well, having a fast browser on there is essential!

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