I Don’t Want to Live in a Transit Ghetto

Because apparently those people are poor.

Taking a quick look at this blog post by the Martin Prosperity Institute (because skimming blog posts is how I understand important issues in my society) seems to say that’s the result of having little access to public transit.

I see a blog post like that one day, and then the next see impending TTC Bus service cuts come up in the news, and I ask myself if in the long term things will turn in the right direction. (assuming the direction Ford is taking is down)

The timing of these two events probably has me more concerned than I should be. But never the less that report makes me appreciate the impact Transit City could have had in the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong transit is getting even more awesome than it already is. Also, did you hear about how they wanted to bring an NFL franchise to Toronto?

It boggles the mind.





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