#Drumbeat Will The Internet of Things be Open?

Will the “Internet of Things” be open? If so, will it take any extra work?

Is there a gap to be filled with work that we need to get started on now?

When drumbeat asks “Will the internet still be open in 50 years?” A vision of what the Internet will look like in 50 years helps. Knowing by that time more than 2 billion people will be online helps. And knowing that there will be more information than people helps. If we work backwards from this vision of the internet to today, we should be able to identify Mozilla Drumbeat projects that need to be started. That we need to start.
One other point from this video that I think we should take a look at is this Data Triangle, and how the open web can enable:

  • Open Data
  • Open Information
  • Open Knowledge
  • Open Wisdom

I like this because it’s a very clear way of showing growth and maturity. Why is the Open web important? Because having open data is important; turning that into open information is more important; turning that into open knowledge is even more important; turning that into open wisdom would, presumably, be the ultimate success.

This is one of a few ideas I’m thinking about in preparation for Drumbeat Toronto on April 24th.







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