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  • iOS’s Disposable Games

    The other day I was looking through drawings of classic Nintendo characters and I realized that I haven’t replayed any videos games in a long time. In high school and university I spent a lot of my time replaying the games I grew up with like Metroid, Zelda and Final Fantasy. Most of the games […]

  • The End of the PC Manufacturers

    Daring Fireball Linked List: Acer Chief Takes Aim at Microsoft Surface: Here’s the problem for Acer and all the other PC makers — what alternatives? Linux? No one wants it. Android? Google’s in the hardware business now too. That’s why Microsoft can make this play — the PC makers have no leverage. I read this […]

  • Splitting the Social Network for the Best User Experience

    It may be impossible for user experience on a social network to ever become the core focus as long as advertising plays a part in their business. There’s little chance of advertising ever stopping on Facebook or Twitter because they depend on them for revenue. An alternative to removing advertising might be to split how […]

  • Uncovering the Compromises of Metro Style Apps

    The Windows 8 design case study is not just an interesting look at how the Windows team approaches designing an app, it also gives you a sense of how users are going to use a typical Metro style app on Windows 8. Unfortunately, as I read through the case study more and more cracks started […]

  • What Has Microsoft Learned From Metro?

    Since OS X 10.7, Lion, Apple’s approach to the desktop has been that OS X can be made better by including some of the features that make iOS so popular. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s vision for their phones, tablets and desktops is that everything should be Metro The two approaches are distinct. Even though Apple has had […]