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  • The Importance of Work

    I came into the office real early one day a few weeks ago because I decided to catch a pre-sunrise carpool ride to work with a bunch of crazy mid-twenty workaholics. Once I settled in at my desk, I noticed that one of the coop students was already at the office. I’ve been a coop, […]

  • Models to Focus Your Thinking

    Models give us something that we can focus our thinking on for an extended amount of time. Nicholas Carr says that as our brains become used to processing information too quickly, and as a result they become unable to think deeply about the ideas we come across. I see what he means. I can’t say […]

  • Repeated Focus

    There’s something about this productivity angle, something about it’s effectiveness and about how unappealing the idea is itself that makes me think this is the most important productivity topic that’s never been talked about. People who know the GTD method also know that one of the most difficult parts of the system is the weekly […]