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  • Social Media Is Not For You

    I’ve been getting into a lot recently of being connected to systems, while at the same time really being as disconnected as possible from them. I starting thinking about that while reading Tim Ferriss‘s book, the 4 Hour Work Week. Tim gives examples of businesses that he’s set up, which require very little interaction from […]

  • The Secret to Twitter Monetization Is…

    The secret to Twitter monetization is exactly what has been happening for the past 2 years. Word of Mouth Word of Month is where the monetization is to be achieved. Twitter has changed word of mouth. Your website or product can now find an audience of 15,000 easily thanks to one person half a continent […]

  • Don't Take This Personally, I'm Blocking You On Twitter

    What does connecting on different social platforms really mean from platform to platform, and what are the differences?  As we see the online social networking space evolve and more new networks get created, we’re going to have to start paying attention not so much to the feature list of each new network, but more importantly […]