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  • Who Are You Unfollowing?

    Anon: bam look at my following count Anon: and its still dropping Me: well done Anon: down to 170 Anon: I feel awesome Me: like, who exactly is it that you’re unfollowing? Anon: people who’s tweets I don’t like or care about anymore Anon: people that promote their own shit too much

  • Focus Booster – The Pomodoro Technique

    minimalmac: This looks like an amazing app. I have not had the time to download and try it out but I’m totally on it the first chance I get. It really reminds me of Merlin Mann’s Productivity Dash which I use all the time. I’ve been looking for a good app for this and this […]

  • I’ll be honest. The first second I see on my profile “4 listed” I thought to myself. Great another method by which I can grade my social worth. Just what I needed.

  • Search Ad Search Ad – Recursion Problem?

    I though crossed my mind that makes me question if advertising is anything close to being an appropriate element of real-time search today. The thought came to me when realizing that there’s so much sentiment data that’s been pulled together from tweets, that any query you throw at a Google real-time search engine would be easily answerable […]

  • Adding Some Mint to Real-Time Search

    A quote from a recent New York Times piece on the monetization of real-time search: “Others say examples abound of queries that could be matched with ads: a search for tweets about snow conditions may be an advertising opportunity for ski resorts; one about poor cellphone coverage could attract ads from a rival network; one […]