What’s really behind Twitter’s staff exodus – Dec. 19, 2011

People who talk about Twitter as being the “wire while it thinks it is the tin can,” Implying that the value in Twitter is the communications network and not in the products they are building, are missing the point about what Twitter is. Read this story for a reminder about how Twitter is a business. … Continue reading What’s really behind Twitter’s staff exodus – Dec. 19, 2011

Twitter’s API grew out of its website as a means to enable outside developers to accomplish what the company, with its then-tiny and overburdened team, could not. Now that Twitter has ample resources, the matured platform is enabling the company to build the best applications in the ecosystem in-house. Going forward, it may be that … Continue reading

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I guess it’s about respect. It’s about a relationship I had, and I think many of us had, with Twitter, that doesn’t seem to be there anymore. And that’s frustrating, and disappointing. But mostly I guess it’s just sad. funkatron.com : My Friend Twitter (via Instapaper)