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  • The Better Tech Conference Survey

    I’ve taken my notes from the mind-map posted yesterday, and come up with a set of questions for my report on better tech conferences. I’ve tried to keep the survey (and the amount of work I have to do) short, so the survey is only 25 multiple choice questions. Two areas I kept out of […]

  • Take Your Learning To The Comments

    As still somebody who attends university (Ryerson University, incredible value for money by the way…) I’ve made the decision to go into a very mind-off mode while in class. I still talk a lot in class, answer questions and the like, but I do that without any prior thinking about what my answer will be […]

  • With Books Like These, Who Needs School?

    Cover via Amazon I love reading, but when I read a book that inspires me to take action and get to work on what I really love, it’s a rush.  No books do that more than the books that recount the tales of the rebels who went against the norm and those that encourage readers […]