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  • A Quick Look at the Surface Site

    A couple problems I have with Microsoft’s website for Surface. The whole site makes learning about the Surface such a chore. The content is really bad too. Sometimes it feels like they put it through Google Translate a few times and came out with inflated passages like the following: A feat of engineering and a […]

  • The New Outlook.com

    I forgot to mention it last week, but the new Outlook.com was launched and is one of the first publicly available applications to use the Metro interface. Like I’ve mentioned before on the blog, people haven’t gotten many opportunities to use Metro. They’ll want to try using Metro soon because it’s going to be launched […]

  • What Has Microsoft Learned From Metro?

    Since OS X 10.7, Lion, Apple’s approach to the desktop has been that OS X can be made better by including some of the features that make iOS so popular. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s vision for their phones, tablets and desktops is that everything should be Metro The two approaches are distinct. Even though Apple has had […]

  • Face it Linux, Most Netbooks Will Sell Windows 7

    And they will sell well. Image by Kordite via Flickr People all over the place are kidding themselves.  One of which include Brian Proffitt.  I tried to write a comment in response to his article talking about Linux’s competitiveness on Netbooks given that Windows 7 can run on netbooks (thanks for turning off comments on […]