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  • The Reason for Innovation

    For a while i had a hard time figuring out what the whole point of insights and innovation was for on the part of digital strategy. In the end I’ve come to understand that innovative marketing strategies help achieve substantially better results. The simplicity of this graph and how ugly it is makes me feel like…

  • The Digital Strategy Process

    This loop breaks down a digital strategy process and identifies the core element of each step. One interesting bit is the connection that brand has; It sets the boundaries for both strategy and UX.

  • Thinking About Technology Innovation That Sticks

    Sometimes I think about technology and get taken aback with why some ideas haven’t been realized, and what direction the industry is going in.One idea that has kept popping up in my mind over the past few weeks are why files on computers are inaccessible if you’re not on the right computer, or on the…